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A Brief History of the W.A.A.F.

In 1939 King George VI established the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) for duty with the Royal Air Force in time of war. There were about 1700 members at the outbreak of war. With conscription for women introduced from December 1941, the ranks swelled further so that by July 1943 a peak strength of 182,000 had been reached.

By 1945 a quarter of a million women had served in the WAAF in over 110 different trades ranging from catering to meteorology, transport, telephony and telegraphy, codes and ciphers, Intelligence, Security and Operation Rooms, supporting operations around the world. They were an integral and vital part of the Royal Air Force's war effort.
Members of the WAAF were among the 1,570 ground crew who lost their lives. 

The WAAF re-formed into the WRAF in 1949, and fully integrated into the RAF in 1994.